A Guide to Commercial Truck Overhaul Financing Services

Published October 12, 2020 by WC Team

A Guide To Commercial Truck Overhaul Financing Services

The trucking industry is one of the most competitive industries in the market. This industry not only generates good revenue but also employs a large number of people. 

A fleet of trucks or other vehicles is very important if you want to stay in the trucking business. When a person has these many trucks, he will have to cover their expenses. At times the owners of these vehicles do not have any capital to maintain their fleet. 

In such cases, commercial truck overhaul financing comes to help. These financing services give you enough funds to make your vehicle run smoothly on roads.

Let us have a look over the details of commercial truck overhaul financing.

How commercial truck financing works?

The commercial truck overhaul financing works in the same way as other loans. This financing is more like financing of truck’s equipment rather than the truck itself. First, you need to choose the vehicle which you want to buy.

Choosing the right type of vehicle is very important. Then you have to go to the financier and discuss with him about the commercial truck overhaul financing. 

Generally, these financiers have fixed criteria according to which they approve loans. 

Types of truck

Some financers deal with only specific types of trucks, while some will deal with all of them. The type of truck you want to buy and the purpose of it will also affect your financing application. Mostly there are two types of trucks;

  • Vocational Trucks - Cement trucks or dump trucks come under this category. These trucks get easy finance from most of the places. This happens because these trucks are associated with fewer risks.  
  • Transportation Vehicle - Big rigs or semi-truck come under this category. Most finance companies refrain from giving them finances. The easiest way to finance these trucks is to contact the dealer. 

If these trucks are less than seven years old, then also they may be approved of getting finance.


If you want commercial truck overhaul financing, your previous experience will be preferred by the financers. They mainly consider two things; 

  • Size of your fleet - If you are a new owner and operator of the truck, then financing companies may not give you a loan. Applicants without two or more vehicles may also get rejected. 

The reason behind this is that if your working truck breaks down or gets damaged, then you will not have any other source of income. You will not be able to repair the truck, neither will you be able to make payments.

  • Experience - Clients with at least two or more years of experience are preferred by the commercial truck overhaul financing companies.

Credit score

A client’s credit score determines their credibility and the number of his monthly payments. 

  • Good credit - The better your credit score, the more chances there are that you will get a loan easily. A credit score of 660 or more for a new owner is good. They can easily avail commercial truck overhaul financing services. 
  • Moderate credit - if your credit score is moderate or reasonable. Then there are chances that you may get financing services. The company may ask you to give some down payment.
  • Poor credit - If your credit score is poor, then you have to either give a big amount of down payment or keep some high valued property as collateral for taking the loan. 

Down Payment

Down payment against the loan is mostly around zero percent to fifty percent of the whole amount. In most cases, it ranges from ten to twenty-five percent. Properties and vehicles can also be accepted as down payment by a number of companies. 

Risky credit 

There are certain situations under which gives financial services; some clients are termed as Risky credit. These people or businesses come under this category;  

  • If your credit score is low, then you have to pay a high rate of down payment. 
  • Clients with low cash are also included in this category.
  • New businesses or new owner-operators are also called risky credits.
  • Old vehicles are also under this category. This is because these old vehicles may have to be repaired.


Payments are usually fixed on a monthly basis. The amount of payment will be according to your Credit score. The lower the credit score, the higher the payments.

What should you look out for?

Before taking any commercial truck overhaul financing service, a client must look at the following things; 

  • Repair limits - At times, these finance companies put down a clause in the agreement that the driver of the truck will repair the truck at the company's garage. In the long term, this benefits the company, and the driver has to pay extra charges. Therefore, the client must carefully read the contract for such clauses.  
  • A large number of deposits - some finance companies ask for a large amount of deposits. In case you end the contract or return the vehicle, your money will also lapse. 
  • Fuel taxes - At the time, extra-fuel charges were charged by the carriers, and the drive was forced to pay them. 

Types of Commercial Truck overhaul financing  

Title Loan

These loans are given to such clients who already have a vehicle, but they do not have the cash to either repair their vehicle or pay taxes and other costs related to the vehicle.  

The vehicle will be considered as the collateral in this form of a loan. 

Installment Lease 

This is the general form of lease. The client needs to pay the down payment and then make regular monthly payments. As long as you make regular payments, you are allowed to keep the vehicle. 

After complete payment, you become its owner.

Lease to own 

This plan is similar to a general lease. However, it contains high monthly payments, high down payments, and a lease term.

Once this set time ends, you will become the owner of the vehicle, but if you default many payments, then all your paid money will lapse. 

Do you need Commercial truck overhaul financing?

If you want to be an independent driver and can easily work on your own, then you can use commercial truck overhaul financing services. It becomes very affordable for the owner to own a truck and then improve the business.

People who do not have enough cash to pay for the truck's repairs may also opt for these services. People with poor credit may also get these services.

Similarly, people who have a small or medium business can also opt for these services. Commercial truck overhaul financing services may help them to own more vehicles, which can lead to the growth of their business. 

Summing up

Commercial Truck overhaul financing services may help to restart the business of people who are suffering from cash problems. Finding the correct financial services may take some time. However, it can be very beneficial for your business.

It is equally important to first find the truck which you want to purchase and then approach the financing company. Ultimately, the type of truck, your credit score, etc. will decide whether you are eligible to get a loan.

These services are beneficial for all the persons who want to borrow some money to improve their business.


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