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How Many Businesses Accept Bitcoin? Full List (2022)

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We’ve heard a lot about bitcoins. People have been earning millions from it. And huge tycoons are investing in it to further multiply their wealth. But where are Bitcoins actually used? We rarely hear about it being used in our day-to-day transactions.

It probably doesn’t even come up in an ordinary conversation frequently. So, it may shock you how many and the range of businesses that actually do accept bitcoins. Businesses around the world and more so in the US have started accepting bitcoins as a payment.

How Many Businesses Accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been gaining popularity in the last few years. Initially, businesses were skeptical about using it because of its volatile nature. But now every year more and more companies are willing to accept it as a valid method of payment. At the moment just over 15,000 businesses around the world accept bitcoin as a payment and use bitcoin wallets. And the US alone makes up 10% of that figure. Businesses ranging from restaurants to pawn shops to cafes have joined this movement and now accept bitcoins.

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A Master List Of Every Business That Accepts Bitcoin In The US

The US has around 2,300 companies that allow the use of bitcoin. And the state with the most amount of businesses that accept cryptocurrency is California. As around 440 companies in California accept bitcoin. We have put together a list of the top 8 major businesses that accept bitcoin. As this can hopefully give you a better idea of just how common bitcoin is becoming.

  1. Pavilion Hotels & Resorts: Pavilion Hotels & Resorts is the first international hotel chain to start using bitcoin as a payment method as a way to ensure safe end-to-end online transactions. You can now use cryptocurrency to pay for your vacations without having to worry about cybersecurity threats.
  2. Microsoft: The tech giant started using bitcoin as a way to encourage individuals to invest in cryptocurrency. Microsoft lets customers purchase a variety of services like Skype and Xbox Live. Plus, they are looking to expand it even further in the upcoming months.
  3. Starbucks: After conducting an extensive trial everyone’s favorite coffee shop has now begun accepting bitcoins. It was after El Salvador made bitcoin a legal tender. They made this decision as they wanted to keep up with modern technology and trends.
  4. Tesla: Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla made a sizable investment into bitcoin. And since then they have been accepting bitcoin as a means of purchase. However, they have temporarily stopped accepting bitcoins till the cryptocurrency starts manufacturing 50% of its tokens through renewable energy.
  5. Amazon: Amazon is another tech giant that has started to accept cryptocurrency and bitcoins. While Amazon doesn’t directly accept bitcoins you can convert your cryptocurrency into gift cards, Amazon vouchers and refill phones. They can be later used for Amazon products and stores.
  6. PayPal: Since last year PayPal users in the US have been able to buy and sell bitcoins through PayPal itself. They announced this decision after stating that digital cryptocurrencies will play a larger role in customer payments in the long run. Plus, it has paid off as customers who use Bitcoin access their accounts twice as frequently as compared to those who don’t.
  7. Lush: The first global cosmetic company to start accepting bitcoins back in 2017. They took this initiative after stating that their goal was to encourage more women to be part of the cryptocurrency revolution. Thus, they made an effort on their part to boost women’s confidence in using bitcoin as a digital currency.
  8. Expedia: This leading online travel agency has started to accept bitcoins for hotel bookings. They have announced that their reason for doing this was to appeal to a larger audience by adopting the latest payment technology.

States With 100+ Businesses That Accept Bitcoin

We have made a list of all the states with at least 10 businesses that accept bitcoins. The following states have over 100 businesses that use cryptocurrency.

  1. California is the technology hub and a home to many major companies. So it is no surprise that this state has over 400 businesses that accept bitcoin.
  2. Florida has about 180 companies that use bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
  3. New York is another major US tech hub with around 148 businesses that accept bitcoins.
  4. Texas being the second largest state in the US in terms of size and population has approximately 145 businesses that accept bitcoin.

States With 50-100 Businesses That Accept Bitcoin

The next list consists of all the states with more than 50 but less than 100 businesses that accept bitcoins.

  1. Colorado
  2. Kansas
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Oregon
  5. Washington
  6. Nevada
  7. Michigan
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Missouri

States with 25-50 Businesses that Accept Bitcoin

The following 11 states have between 25 and 50 businesses that accept bitcoins.

  1. Arizona
  2. North Carolina
  3. Illinois
  4. Massachusetts
  5. New Jersey
  6. Minnesota
  7. Georgia
  8. Utah
  9. Tennessee
  10. Puerto Rico
  11. Ohio

States with 16-24 Businesses that Accept Bitcoin

The following states have more than 16 businesses but less than 24 businesses that use cryptocurrency.

  1. Idaho
  2. Indiana
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Maryland
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Iowa
  7. Louisiana
  8. Virginia
  9. New Mexico
  10. Kentucky
  11. Nebraska

States with 10-15 Businesses that Accept Bitcoin

At the bottom of the list with 10 to 15 businesses that accept bitcoin are the following 8 states.

  1. Connecticut
  2. Hawaii
  3. Maine
  4. South Carolina
  5. Washington, D.C.
  6. Alabama
  7. Arkansas
  8. Montana

Other states with fewer than 10 businesses have not been included in this list. But all states have at least 1 business that accepts bitcoins. The states with the lowest number of businesses that use bitcoins are Rhode Island and Wyoming. Both with just 4 businesses accepting bitcoins as a payment. And South Dakota with just 1.

The Bottom Line

All states have at least 1 business that accepts bitcoins. And every day more and more businesses are joining this trend. So, what does this mean for you? This means that soon enough bitcoin will be used everywhere. From ordering food at a fast-food restaurant to buying your groceries everything will be taken care of by bitcoins. So, learn more about how bitcoins work and how to purchase them from their official website.