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6 Legit Ways To Get Quick Cash From Your Car

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There’s really no need to say it, but times are rough for most of us. Things are incredibly expensive, inflation rates are only rising, and the absence of a safety net when the going gets tough – an unexpected medical expense, college loans that are no longer in deferment and need to be paid, etc. – you find yourself searching for a windfall from anywhere to help make things better. In situations like these, owning any bit of property or a car is a great way to get some cash quickly to help solve some of your problems. If you have a car and are wondering how to get your hands on some fast cash, then this article is for you. Read on to learn 6 legit ways you can quickly get money.

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1. Ridesharing

There is so much to criticize about the gig economy, and most of that is absolutely true. Yes, it has provided some flexibility to people, but it has come at the expense of fewer full-time opportunities with benefits. At the same time, we are knee deep in this context and there’s not much to do at this point besides ensuring that it can work to our benefit. Ridesharing is one easy way to use your car to earn money to help get you out of a bind. The process of joining one of the apps and listing yourself as a driver is fairly straightforward, and in the beginning you’ll mostly be working to get a good rating for your driving skills. Then, you can take things from there and use your car whenever you have a free moment.

2. Get a Loan

Of course, few loans out there don’t come with a few inherent risks, and you need to tread carefully. However, if you find yourself in need of cash immediately, then searching for a quick loan may help as long as you conduct some research on how to find a good deal. There are easy ways to get title loans online and you won’t have to deal with all the inevitable hassles of the process. All you need to do is look for a good title loan that offers a low-interest rate and is mindful of your vehicle’s condition. Never take on anything with a high-interest rate you cannot pay off, or with lots of fine print since that will lead to a severe drop in your credit score. In all cases, a title loan allows you to continue using your car, while also earning some cash to help you in case of emergency.

3. Deliver Food

A car can be used to help deliver food to people who don’t have cars, from restaurants that don’t offer traditional delivery service. This allows you to fill in the gap by using your car whenever you have the time as a delivery person. Apps like DoorDash or UberEats are convenient, easy to use, and most providers allow for the tips to be sent to you directly, without any issues or companies swallowing a huge chunk of your wages. One good hack that lots of people in this line of work recommend is signing up with more than one app, and taking advantage of the delivery rush to earn more money.

4. Advertise

This may sound odd to you, but much in the same way that companies advertise their services onto jets flying in the sky, they also ask for cars to act as moving advertisements. Cars are often cheaper than buses or the aforementioned jets for businesses to use as ad space, and it’s a great way for car owners to earn a few extra bucks. However, this only works if your car is a newer one and not banged up, and if you use it a lot or have a long commute to work. In these cases, local businesses would want to advertise with you because this is a great way for them to promote their services to the local community. The only caveat is that you need to be comfortable with the idea of wrapping your car in advertising material. Lots of people prefer this side hustle to ridesharing or food delivery because they don’t have to do any more driving than they normally would, so it’s not only less tiring but also more cost-effective. If you’re hesitant to drive around town aimlessly waiting for someone to join your rideshare app or order food, then simply being a driving advertisement is a lot easier. It’s also a more environmentally friendly pursuit, all things considered.

5. Short-Term Rental Cars

Just like you can rent out your home or apartment as an Airbnb for out-of-town visitors, you can also rent your car to others. People coming in from other towns often need to borrow or rent a car, and car-sharing is fairly affordable for the customer. It’s also an affordable service for you to offer. The main downside is that all that extra mileage will inevitably add some wear and tear to your car, so that’s something you should keep in mind. Also, you’d have to schedule its rental around your own errands, and so you may not be able to use it for a few hours. In all cases, making your car available for a short-term rental is a pretty smart move, especially if your household has more than one car anyway and you don’t need to use both at the same time. Newer cars can help net a few hundred dollars inside income a month for you, which can help you pay off your insurance premium and make loan payments with relative ease, while also having cash to spare.

6. Work as a Mover

Another great way to put your car to use is to advertise your services as a mover. Help people move their belongings from one city to the next with relative ease. This is an especially smart idea to embark upon when living in a bigger city where people don’t usually have their own cars, and moving is a nightmare. They can’t afford the big moving trucks, nor can they take the time to carry that huge mattress and heavy closet around for a few blocks. If you want to earn a quick buck, this might be a great move for you.

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Sometimes, having a car can feel like a liability. The attendant insurance is expensive, as is gas, and so on. At the same time, it can help you earn extra money to cover your own expenses and then some if you play your cards right. Sure, it takes a lot of work from you to put the car to use, but at least you have different options you can play with as you try to expand upon various side gigs.