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How to Become a More Effective Leader with Help From a Business Coach

Running a successful business is rewarding in terms of money, but coaching people to do business successfully can be quite satisfying. Also, sharing the knowledge you gain on your particular road to success can be pretty fulfilling, not to mention profitable.

Romi Levine
Romi Levine
May 23, 2022

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It’s a perfect moment to get a business coach or become one because business is growing, especially in the training and mentoring industry. Here, we’re going to discuss steps in becoming a business coach, key differences between consulting and coaching, and major reasons to coach.

What Makes a Successful Business Owner?

Before we get into the role of a business coach and the reasons to become one, we need to discuss what makes a successful business owner. These traits will make you a better business coach because a coach, much like a successful business owner:

The Role of a Business Coach

Key responsibilities revolve around coaching and mentoring, as the name suggests. This involves advising your clients on their plans and encouraging a sense of responsibility and motivation. They also make sure that the business owner is accountable in decision-making.

A business coach engages in communicating with the owner of a business to understand their aims and guide them while they’re advancing the business. Also, coaching involves bettering the client’s authority in their field.

Reasons to Become a Business Coach

As a person who knows how to run a business, one of the likeliest reasons you’d like to become a business coach might be networking. However, there are quite a few more than practical reasons to start coaching:

Business Coach vs. Business Consultant

These are two different professions that have overlapping responsibilities. A business consultant will give you the answer they think is right based on their assessment. A business coach will provide the necessary guidance to the right answer and hold you accountable.

A business consultant is impartial and focuses on the organization while providing the answers. Also, consultants rely on a quantitative analysis of the issues at hand. As a business coach, you help bring someone’s business idea to life.

How to Become a Successful Business Coach?

We’re going to discuss six points you may look at as steps towards becoming successful as a business coach. However, it’s a long road to becoming a pro, and after enough experience in coaching, you can buy an existing business and try mentoring someone to manage it.

Business Coach and partner review information on a tablet.

1. Choose Your Coaching Type

Before you think of becoming a business coach, you need to consider what type of coaching you’re going to do. We’re going to list all the types, although opinions on them may vary depending on the business coaches you ask:

2. Start Mentoring

You probably know the saying “learn by doing”, so start mentoring. Choose a person in your family that you’re planning to hand over your flourishing business, or someone you think might be competent enough to take charge.

This is a great way to learn to guide someone in the right direction. Remember, the future is important, not what happened. Try to advise on important business matters. Learn by doing, and do well when you learn enough.

3. Practice Public Speaking

Coaching will require you to become an excellent public speaker. To practice public speaking, accept that nervousness is normal, and practice will make something perfect. Thorough preparation will get you ahead in public speaking.

Second, try filming yourself so you can practice and see what needs improvement. Another way to practice is to practice continuous talk. To get superb at public speaking, avoid using fillers in all conversations.

Take a page out of the book of other mentors and coaches. Copy their public speaking methods, and try to improve them if you can. Finally, it’s always good to polish your coaching with a bit of humor and storytelling.

4. Become Great at Planning

Operating a business successfully and going for the business coach path is going to require great organization skills and impeccable planning. To do so, you might need to follow a few rules, and use some great apps:

5. Focus on Your Field

Don’t misinterpret this step. Focusing on your field doesn’t mean focusing on the field of business coaching. Be specific when coaching in business. For example, if you run a marketing services business, focus on mentoring people in said field.

Get ahead in business coaching by putting efforts into coaching in your business field. You must put your focus on something you know well, not something that requires you to learn. This way, you’ll also expand and nourish your reputation.

6. Network and Get Certified

It’s important to network for the success of your business and also the success of your business coach career. One of the best ways to do so is to join the ICF. It’s a community of coaches where you can get certified.

Certification will certainly give you an advantage in coaching because you’ll have proof of worth. The International Coaching Federation is not the only way for you to network when you become a coach. You need to consider different platforms:

Lucky for us, the internet is a medium of information that can get you noticed within a few clicks. The only thing you need to think about is your target audience. Again, keep step 4 in mind and focus on your niche.

Business Coach working on a laptop computer.

Bonus: Online Business Coaching Options

We’re going to recommend two possibilities for doing business coaching online. The first way is providing one-on-one sessions to your clients, and the second way is providing a course in terms of business coaching videos.

It’s more likely that people opt for one-on-one sessions because it’s tailored to their needs, and you can focus on their particular business as a coach. Then, familiarize yourself with video calling software.

A more profitable option is recording niche-specific videos of you as a business coach. This way, you can have multiple clients at once within a similar sphere. Pro-tip, use the Mac screen recorder for detailed videos where you explain what you’re doing.

How to Become an Online Business Coach?

Once you’ve covered all the steps regarding regular business coaching, there are still some fundamental things to consider that might determine your online business coaching career, and these include:


As a business coach, you’ll guide the success of someone’s business. There are significant benefits. To be successful at coaching, you need to plan, speak in public, and network. Going online can improve the networking aspect and maximize your business coaching profits.

If you choose to go online, take into account how much you’ll charge for your coaching services. Also, consider the type of coaching you’ll conduct, group or individual work, and don’t forget to ask for feedback. It can only make you better.

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